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Seattle, Washington, United States

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Based in Seattle Rossi Vucinovich PC serves accident victims and their families throughout Washington Oregon Colorado the greater northwest the Rocky Mountains RAILROAD ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS A railroad accident can disrupt every facet of your life your ability to work your physical health your finances and your family relationships At Rossi Vucinovich PC we help injured railroad workers heal from their injuries restore their financial health and reclaim their lives Rossi Vucinovich PC has been helping railroad employees and their families recover under FELA for over 50 years Our attorneys have seen the detrimental effects railroad injuries have on our clients and their families We are committed to helping injured railroad workers obtain the benefits they need to treat their injuries pay their bills and continue supporting their families SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURIES Catastrophic accidents are lifechanging events Many accident victims are left with debilitating physical injuries and may require numerous surgeries ongoing physical therapy and even roundtheclock medical care Not to mention a serious injury can take a mental and emotional toll on accident victims When injuries make it painful or impossible to participate in the daily activities you once enjoyed anxiety depression and other changes to mood can result At Rossi Vucinovich PC we understand the major impact a serious physical injury has on all aspects of our clients lives Our goal is simple To help you get your life back WRONGFUL DEATH ATTORNEYS You are more than just a case You are a real person facing a real tragedy At Rossi Vucinovich PC we are dedicated to helping families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents We understand that you cant place a dollar value on a human life We cant bring your loved one back to you What we can do is help you yours get the resources you need to move forward
Seattle, Washington, United States

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