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Seattle, Washington, United States

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There is a reason why many of Washingtons top law firms refer their work related injury cases to Foster Law PC Our staff is wellknown for its dedication and experience and Foster Law is one of the areas leading Workers Compensation firms Our attorneys have solid experience and proven expertise securing benefits at every level from the Department all the way up through the Supreme Court If you or a loved one have been injured on the job or developed a medical condition from the performance of job duties an occupational disease you are likely concerned about a number of important matters These factors include your health and prognosis treatment and coverage while you are injured benefits you may be entitled to or what you can do if you are unable to return to work In addition to these concerns you will encounter a frequently frustrating bureaucratic morass with special forms and a language of its own further complicated by confusing laws and regulations that are often very different from what you might expect the law is or should be We understand that the Workers Compensation system can be difficult owing to its delays and denials that many employees decide not to pursue their claims But the better way to deal with these frustrations is to contact the Workers Compensation attorneys at Foster Law PC Workers Compensation is a complicated and peculiar field of law And because of this it makes a difference who you choose as your attorney Many firms do not focus on Workers Compensation and may take on such a case now and again without the depth of experience you will find at Foster Law PC This firm is devoted exclusively to representing injured workers and we have decades of experience helping our clients obtain the benefits that are so crucial to maintaining their welfare and that of their families Upon retention with our firm our legal team will act fiercely on your behalf to get you the benefits to which you are legally entitled and make the process as simple as possible for you With a Workers Compensation attorney attending to the legal aspects of your claim you can focus on what is really important your health and recovery
Seattle, Washington, United States

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