AMSOIL at Stokes Abode

Seattle, Washington, United States

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With 40 years experience in the Synthetic motor oil and lubrication business AMSOIL has continuously beaten the competition when tested against the American Petroleum Institute API required tests To learn more please read the article Why Synthetic Lubrication or if you are a tech and want data please read our engine oil comparison Clearly when it comes to Synthetic motor oil combined with a premium line of synthetic lubricants such as gear lubes gear oils greases compressor oil racing oils 2 cycle oils oil and air filters and a complete line of diesel synthetic motor oil you cannot go wrong with AMSOIL products People sometimes say Isnt AMSOIL Synthetic motor Oil more expensive than regular motor oil Not when you look at the retail or wholesale price of AMSOIL then do the math based on the warranted extended service life of AMSOIL
Seattle, Washington, United States

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